CG Accounting under New Ownership

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I’m Stephanie Linneborn, the new proud owner of CG Accounting & Bookkeeping Inc!

I started working in the accounting field at the early age of 17 while I completed my Accounting Diploma.  I started at a local greenhouse picking orders and was soon moved into the office for data entry.  I eventually moved up the ladder within the organization and became the accounting assistant for a couple of years.

After working for the same company for a few years, I decided it was time to move on as I was eager to learn new things.  I began working at a bookkeeping firm in Grimsby where I learned many new things.  This was short lived and I was laid off due to shortage of work.  I had always stayed away from job postings past the Burlington Skyway as I had this fear of the commute but needed more opportunities so I posted my resume on Kijiji . That afternoon and I was found by Christine Grant!  I had an interview in Burlington.  I was so nervous but Christine saw something in me and took a chance and hired me right away!

I happily worked alongside Christine from 2012-2016 and made the extremely difficult decision to accept another offer.  I wasn't gone for very long.  Christine and I stayed in touch and I eventually came back from time to time to assist with the workload.  After a year, Christine made me an offer to come back, and I couldn't say no!

I became a part-owner upon my return in June 2018, after I married my high school crush. Christine made me feel like an equal partner, even though I wasn't. She has mentored me to be the best version and boss lady I can be.  Teaching me patience and learning how to train staff effectively.

In 2019, I had my first child and went on maternity leave.  This was a challenge. Learning to let go and trust the team.  I returned a short 4 months later.  This taught us new things to introduce.  Procedures, checklists etc. Christine was always trying to find a solution to assist with these growing pains, a place to have "all poop in a group" as she would say.  

I left again in 2021 after having my second child for another short 4 months.  I couldn't stay away from work! Christine and I began talking about a succession plan and her transition out of the company. After 2 years of discussions, tears and negotiations, we finally came to agreement and closed the deal on July 14, 2023.

I truly value the friendship and mentorship Christine provided to me.  I will miss working alongside her. 

When I am not being the boss, I am mom.  Kids are a whole different meaning of exhaustion! I enjoy comedy, playing piano, being outdoors and being with family & friends.  

If you or someone you know could benefit from our bookkeeping and accounting expertise, I invite you to get in touch.  The Team at CG are smart, loyal, honest and have common sense.